Starting Out On YouTube

Setting Up Your Channel

It seems a simple task to start your own YouTube channel; just head on over to create your account and away you go, right?  Wrong. I thought it would be that easy, but in retrospect i had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Getting Your Capture Card

Now if you want to start a gaming channel obviously you’re going to need a capture card. Nowadays there are a huge variety of quality cards to choose from depending on your price range. I knew I was going to need something capable of capturing in at least 720p so a Dazzle Platinum just wasn’t going to cut it. No matter though as there are plenty of other brands out there.

Editing Software

In order to upload your footage you’re going to need to edit it first, especially if you’re going to commentate over it as well. There are plenty of free options out there if you’re on a budget; Windows Movie Maker being one of the most common. However there are also more expensive¬†options which can offer you a wider range of features, Sony Vegas Pro being the first one that comes to mind.

Your PC

It is always stressed that pretty much any PC will do and there is some truth in that. However, unless you’re looking to wait hours and hours for your edited video to render to the quality you need I would advise you to update your hardware…You won’t regret it.

What’s To Come

After outlining the areas which I found to be important when starting a YouTube channel I hope the next few posts will benefit you. I will be going into more detail on each of the aforementioned areas and my journey into becoming a YouTuber.